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23 Dec 10 things you must know about the Air Jordan 1
John 0 368
  The Air Jordan 1 Retro "Chicago" Chicago color scheme has attracted a lot of wind and rain. Why does the originator of this Air Jordan sneaker have such a charm? What are the stories behind this cla..
10 Nov About Air Jordan 1 - 10 things you must know !
John 0 5701
Air Jordan 1 As the pioneer of the Air Jordan series, the Air Jordan 1 is undoubtedly the most story-telling sneaker in the long history of sneaker culture. In the era of basketball shoes dominated by..
25 Jun Cheap Air Jordan VI Black And Red, Each Pair Is Different? Comparison Of Previous Re-Engravings
John 0 444
Air Jordan 6 shoe type AIR JORDAN VI black and red color matching has been re-enacted five times since its inception, so far, except for the AIR JORDAN I black and red color matching, the AIR J..
08 Jun Air Jordan 4
John 0 1206
I owned my first pair of AIR JORDAN IV "BRED" in April 2003. Fifteen years have passed since then. During this period, every time it was reissued, I would buy it as soon as possible. Although th..
28 May First feelings of Air Jordan 34,Fashion Jordan 34 Black Cat Factory Outlet.
John 0 965
The intuitive feeling of Air Jordan 34 at first glance was surprisingly good, and even stimulated my long-lost desire to buy. For a long period of time in the past, Jordan has not given me such an urg..
19 May Another piece of history about the
John 0 508
After experiencing the high-end but a bit unreasonable design of the Air Jordan 34 generation, the Air Jordan 34 generation returned to the traditional shoelace design. Many people said that this may ..
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