The Air Jordan 1 Retro "Chicago" Chicago color scheme has attracted a lot of wind and rain. Why does the originator of this Air Jordan sneaker have such a charm? What are the stories behind this classic sneaker, which was born in 1985, then you must know about 10 things about Air Jordan 1.

Air Jordan 1 High "Chicago" has only been released 4 times▼


The Air Jordan 1 Retro "Chicago" at the end of May this year is the third re-enactment of this Bulls white, black and red color scheme. Counting the 1985 model in the first year, it has been sold 4 times in 1985, 1994, 2013, and 2015. Among them, the 2013 model has changed a lot. The tongue and heel of the shoe are presented with Jumpman Logo. Although they are presented in classic color matching, the re-engraving experience is not obvious with the injection of new elements. The 2015 model is a 100% original Jordan 1 OG first year experience. The shoe body design and details are based on the sale 30 years ago. In addition, the sales volume is not large, and it is inevitable that the city will be full of storms.

Air Jordan 1 High "Chicago" Witnesses God 63 points▼


29 years ago, in the second game of the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs on April 21, 1986, Jordan made 22 of 41 field goals and 19 of 21 free throws against the Celtics. He scored 63 points and kept the game. The record for the highest scoring in a single game in the playoffs for 24 years has been rewritten. After the game Larry Bird Larry Bird commented "I think this is the incarnation of God for Jordan", and God got his name with 63 points. And what MJ wore on the court was this Bulls Air Jordan 1 High "Chicago" in white, black and red.

Air Jordan 1 Retro OG High "Chicago" on sale without shoelaces▼


On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Jordan Brand brand and the 30th anniversary of the Air Jordan 1 shoe model, the re-enactment on May 30th will be released again with the original first year specifications. Like 1985, it was sold without laces. , And comes with red and white shoelaces for everyone to match.

The Air Jordan 1 designer also designed the classic adidas three-bar tower logo ▼


Everyone knows that the legendary designer Tinker Hatfield made an important contribution to the popularity of the Air Jordan series, but he took over in the third generation of products and created the same classic Air Jordan 3. The designer of Air Jordan 1 was another talented Peter Moore. Peter was the creative director of Nike at the time. In the 1980s, he laid a solid foundation for the start-up brand's subsequent popularity. Peter Moore is also the designer of adidas' classic 3 Bars Logo. The 3 Bars Logo three-bar tower logo has replaced the clover logo and has been used as the main adidas logo to this day.

The flying wing logo was born on the napkin on the flight ▼


On a flight from Portland to Chicago, Peter Moore saw a little boy with a flying badge presented by an airline. He took this as an inspiration and drew the prototype of the flying wing logo on a napkin.

Air Jordan 1 was once sold at a low price of $20 in 1985▼


When it came out on the market in 1985, the Air Jordan 1 was sold for $65. Because of the hot sale, it once exceeded $100 in the sneaker resale market. Nike subsequently increased sales in the market. While expanding sales, it also overdrafted the purchasing power of the market. This led to the subsequent appearance of the Air Jordan 1 on the shelves of discount stores for clearance sale at a low price of $20.

Air Jordan 1 launched a total of 3 first year versions in 1985▼


From 1985 to 1986, Jordan Brand launched a total of 3 versions of Air Jordan 1, which are low-top, high-top and canvas KO versions. In that era of groundbreaking, the brand tried many ways and experienced many transitional shoe models, and three versions were officially put on the market.

Air Jordan 1 High is popular in skateboarding ▼


Equipped with the most advanced cushioning technology of the time, Air Jordan 1 has also attracted the attention and favor of skateboarders. The high-top shoe body, leather upper and air cushion sole provide good support for strenuous exercise. It is used in basketball courts and skateboarding. The scenes are frequently appearing.

Jordan himself did not like the design of Air Jordan 1 at first ▼


When Jordan saw the Air Jordan 1 design sketch for the first time, he decisively stated that he could not wear such sneakers to play, because it reminded MJ of the mortal enemy of the University of North Carolina, the North Carolina State University team.

Air Jordan 1 "Bred" black and red forbidden story ▼


The debut of the black and red Air Jordan 1 "Bred" was accompanied by the NBA ban because there was not enough white on the sneakers. Nike is willing to pay a fine of $5000 per day for this, but the attention it brings has risen sharply, and the fine is paid as an advertising fee! The brand also brought the Banned-themed Air Jordan 1 black and red color.

Later, it was revealed that it was not the Air Jordan 1 that was punished at the time, but the Nike Air Ship. Of course, such a crowned and worn is of course very good for Nike.