Air Jordan 1

As the pioneer of the Air Jordan series, the Air Jordan 1 is undoubtedly the most story-telling sneaker in the long history of sneaker culture. In the era of basketball shoes dominated by black and white, the appearance of Air Jordan 1 "Chicago" and "Bred" completely shattered the "old order" at that time, and at the same time opened the glorious road of a legendary sneaker series. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Jordan Brand, the return of Air Jordan 1 "Chicago" at this time is all landmark.

And to pay tribute to the original version in 1985, Jordan Brand took great pains to bring the shoes back to their original appearance: the sexy heel without Jumpman Logo, the original Nike Air Logo tongue, and the unbearable 9-hole shoelace design. , And even the touching "no shoelace" release, it seems to take us on a time machine and shuttle back to the Chicago United Center in 1985, witnessing MJ's thunderous, elegant dunks one by one, which is endlessly memorable. Here, HYPEBEAST will also offer the deepest respect for the Air Jordan 1 "Chicago", and at the same time open the door to the story behind the shoes, and share its "interesting and secret history" with everyone.


The Air Jordan 1 High ``Chicago'' colorway has only been released 4 times so far

2015 marked the third return of the Air Jordan 1 Retro High "Chicago" color scheme. As the pioneering work of the Air Jordan series, after the shoes were released in 1985, as Michael Jordan announced his retirement for the first time, it was re-enacted for the first time in 1994 with the colors of "Bred" and "Chicago", and was equipped with specially made The "Image Collection" shoe box and re-engraved card. At the same time, there were also high- and low-barrel Air Jordan 2, two color matching Air Jordan 3 (Black/Cement and White/Cement); later in 2013, this pair of classic shoes This model has returned to the market again, but the design has undergone a lot of changes compared to the first year version. The most obvious feature is the Jumpman "flying man" logo on the heel and tongue; and this year marks the 30th anniversary of the Jordan Brand, Air Jordan 1 Retro High "Chicago" reappeared in the public eye with the first year design scheme after 20 years, and it undoubtedly has a very special meaning.

Air Jordan 1 High "Chicago" witness "God" 63 points

Every pair of sneakers and its owner will have a legendary story, and the Air Jordan 1 is no exception. In the second round of the 1986 Eastern Conference playoffs where the Chicago Bulls were away at Boston's TD Garden, Michael Jordan, who wore Air Jordan 1 High "Chicago," scored 63 points. He was still a fledgling player at the time. The rookie player is really the Celtics who eventually became the season's championship "Tai Sui's head start." Larry Bird did not hesitate to praise after the game, calling Michael Jordan "God wearing sneakers."

Air Jordan 1 Retro High "Chicago" 2015 "No Laces" Released

To pay tribute to the first year model, the 2015 version of the Air Jordan 1 Retro High "Chicago" will also be on sale with a "laceless" look and placed in the Nike Air Logo design shoe box that is almost the same as the first year. The shoelaces will be set aside in red, white and black colors for shoe fans to freely match. It can be seen that this time Jordan Brand celebrated its 35th birthday, and it was really hard-working.

Air Jordan 1 designer and adidas ``3 Bars'' brand identity designer are the same person

As the greatest designer in Nike history, Tinker Hatfield's overly dazzling halo seems to have snatched the limelight from other designers who contributed to the Air Jordan series. But please don’t forget that Michael Jordan’s first signature shoe was created by Peter Moore. And Tinker only took over the design power of Air Jordan series shoes from Air Jordan 3. Moore was the creative director of Nike Inc. and the co-founder of adidas' US headquarters. The adidas classic "3 Bars" brand logo was born under his pen. It is worth mentioning that during his work at Nike, Peter Moore devoted all he to the brilliant achievements of the Air Jordan series in the 1980s, until he left Portland to create his own sports company Sports Inc..

The Air Jordan 1 shoe collar "Flying Wing" logo was born on a napkin during the Portland-Chicago flight

At that time, the Nike brand creative director Peter Moore was sitting on the plane from Portland to Chicago and noticed that a young boy had a souvenir with the pilot "flying wing" badge as a gift from the airline. 1 The "Flying Wing" logo at the collar of the shoe was immediately drawn on the tissue in front of you. And this logo also symbolizes Michael Jordan's superman's jumping ability and flying power, becoming a timeless classic image.

Air Jordan 1 was ``clearance sale'' at a price of $20 in 1985

Air Jordan 1 was sold for $65 when it was launched in 1985, and it was resold at a "high price" of $100. In order to meet the huge demand, Nike decided to replenish in large quantities, and this directly led to a backlog of shoe inventory, and even appeared on the discount merchandise shelf at a price of $20.

Air Jordan 1 released in the first year, a total of 3 versions launched

Air Jordan 1 is undoubtedly the most "mysterious" shoe in Air Jordan history and the entire sneaker culture, and its audience after the sale has experienced twists and turns. Nike was able to say that it placed the biggest bet on Jordan's destiny for the brand's development. When he was still not well-known, he began to design and publicize the Air Jordan 1. From no one cares to Jordan’s frenzied buying after starting to show off the superstar’s head, to the hoarding of shoes caused by a large number of “restocking”, it has become almost impossible to find and understand the complete “product catalog” of the Air Jordan 1 series in the first year. Task completed. But the only certainty is that the Air Jordan 1 was launched in low, high and KO versions during the 85-86 years.

Air Jordan 1 High swept the skateboarding world once it was released

The NBA banned the use of Air Jordan 1 "Bred" black and red color matching can be described as an extremely huge advertisement for the sale of Air Jordan 1. Its remarkable work has strongly stimulated the rapid increase in demand for shoes. The high cost performance of the shoes has also attracted the attention of many skateboarders. For example, the excellent cushioning performance that is quite suitable for skateboarding, the high-tube design that can protect the ankle, and the leather upper, have become Air Jordan 1 from The basketball court is a powerful capital for entering the skatepark.

All'inizio lo stesso Michael Jordan non amava il design di Air Jordan 1

Quando Michael Jordan ha visto per la prima volta lo schizzo del design dell'Air Jordan 1, ha detto decisamente che non poteva indossare scarpe del genere per entrare nel gioco e ha detto che aveva una combinazione di colori "diavolo". Naturalmente, la parola "diavolo" dalla bocca di MJ non si riferisce a Satana nella Bibbia, ma allude alla North Carolina State University, allora nemico mortale della University of North Carolina.

Air Jordan 1 High ``Bred'' color ``Forbidden Mystery''

The Air Jordan 1 "Bred" color scheme was on the NBA president David Stern's "blacklist" as soon as it was unveiled, and players were explicitly prohibited from wearing shoes to enter the game. The reason was that "the design did not add enough white elements." But even so, Nike is still willing to pay for the fine of $5000 per game, so this has also become the popular Air Jordan 1 "Banned" (banned) theme advertisement. However, the well-known sneaker media Sole Collector questioned this history in October last year, saying that the Air Jordan 1 High "Banned" advertisement was just a commercial hype, not for the NBA to really ban shoes, but the real banned shoes are Nike Air Ship; In addition, it also pointed out that Jordan himself never wore the Air Jordan 1 High "Bred" to the game, but only wore the controversial work in the press conference, styling photography process and the 1985 slam dunk contest.