I owned my first pair of AIR JORDAN IV "BRED" in April 2003. Fifteen years have passed since then.
During this period, every time it was reissued, I would buy it as soon as possible. Although they all look the same, through my careful comparison, I still found the difference.
In this issue of the push, we will show you the details of the four re-enactments of the AIR JORDAN IV "BRED" color scheme!

Air Jordan 4 Shoe type

Since the birth of the Cheap AIR JORDAN IV "BRED" color scheme, it has been reissued four times so far, the latest reissues in 1999, 2008, 2012 and 2019. From the front and side view of the shoes above, it is obvious that there are some subtledifferences in the shoe shapes of the previous re-engraved versions. The 1999 re-engraved version of the shoe is more bloated and has a higher upper. This is a comparison to restore the upper setting of the first year; the 2008 re-engraved version uses 7 new shoe last molds,Air Jordan 4 Bred and the shoe shape is relatively slender; the 2012 re-engraved version of the shoe shape and the details and proportions of all aspects continue in 2008 as a whole The style of the latest 2019re-engraved version has been adjusted compared to the previous two re-engravings, Jordan 4 Bred and the upper is slightly higher than the previous re-engraving. However, it is better to evaluate a certain re-engraving solely based on the shoe shape.Iam afraid that it is unfair, after all, everyone has their own criteria for the love of shoes.

Jordan 4 Heel

In the 1999 re-engraved version, because the entire heel and ankle pads are thicker, it is wider in terms of the outline; the thickness of the re-engraved version in 2008 is lower than that of the re-enacted version in 1999, but it also looks wider -Some; The filling of the 2012 and the latest 2019 re-enacted version is thinner than the previous two re-enacted versions~-Some makes the contour of the heel more three-dimensional, especially the curvature of the overall line of the heel is more in line with the beauty of daily wear. The most obvious difference in the heel is the iconic plastic shoe handle part of AIR JORDAN IV. In 1999, the retro Nike logo was adopted in the 7th year. The proportion of plastic material is larger and thicker. This is more in line with the design of the first year. set. The 2008 and 2012 re-enacted versions use the JUMPMAN logo that we all are more familiar with. The latest 2019 re-engraved version used the 7 retro Nike Air Jordans logo again after twenty years, but the difference in size from the 1999 re-enacted version can be clearly seen. In addition, the Jordan 4 Basketball Shoes plastic material of the heel is the thinnest among the four versions, and the heel lift can be easily bent by hand. The previous three re-engravings were harder because of the thickness of the shoe handle.

Cheap Jordan 4 Material

The 1999 re-enacted version of the shoe body material is moderately thick and smooth to the touch, which is similar to the material used in the AIR JORDAN V and VI launched at the same time; the material of the 2008 re-enacted version basically continues this setting, Cheap Jordan 4 but compared to 1999 The reissue version is slightly thinner. The 2012 re-engraved version is the best material used in all four re-engravings. Not only does it use the most material in terms of thickness, it also has a significantly better touch than the other three re-engravings. It feels as if there is a layer of fluffy material. Feels great. The latest 2019 re-engraved version of the upper material used is the roughest to touch, barely reaching the material thickness of the 2008 re-engraved version in thickness. In addition, in terms of the stitching of the upper, the spacing of the 1999 stitching is slightly larger. , The two sutures are not parallel enough. Air Jordan Black And Red The stitches of the 2008 and 2012 re-engraved editions are spaced moderately apart, but the two stitches in 2008 are slightly different. The latest 2019 re-engraved version has the smallest stitch spacing, but the stitches are still not parallel enough.

Jordan 4 Basketball Shoes Midsole

The heel cushion opening of the 1999 re-engraved version is significantly larger, Pink Jordan 4 Retro while the 2008 re-enacted version is the smallest of the 4 re-enactments. The air-cushion window size of the 2012 and 2019 reissues is between the 1999 and 2008 reissues. In addition, from the picture above, jordan 4 black and white it can be seen that the midsole coating of the four re-engraved versions is obviously not. The 1999 re-engraved version has many tiny pores (but I am actually not sure if this is caused by oxidation due to too long time. Yes, the comparison midsole has been broken 7), new release jordans but the coating is even and there is no "stroke"; the black part of the bottom coating of the re-engraved version in 2008 is made of frosted paint, and the spray is very fine and uniform, and the surface It is very smooth and smooth; the midsole of the 2012 and 2019 re-engraved version uses ordinary glossy paint spraying, which is relatively rough in workmanship, black and white jordans with obvious color bleeding and "brushstrokes", which causes the entire surface to be not smooth enough.

Air Jordan Bred Tongue

The shape of the tongue TAG of the re-engraved version in 1999 is similar to a dry square, jordans for cheap which is a good restoration of the setting in the first year of .7. At the same time, TAG is almost flush with the top edge of the tongue, which is also the style of the 7th year. jordan shoes The embroidered JUMPMAN logo has a darker color; and from the 2008 re-engraving, until the latest 2019 re-engraving, the left and right sides of the tongue TAG narrowed into a rectangle, and the entire TAG moved downward, away from the top edge of the tongue. The distance is about 5 mm. The embroidered color of the JUMPMAN logo in these three re-engraved versions is lighter. In addition, by comparison, it can be found that the red lining of the tongue of the air jordan 4 shoes in 1999 did not turn out, which also originated from the setting in the first year. Since the start of the re-engraving in 2008, the red lining of the tongue of the three re-engraved versions has adopted the setting of 7 outward flaps, which can be seen from the front.

Cheap Jordan 4 Bred Shoelace hole

The fan-shaped plastic shoelace holes of the 1999 re-engraved shoe upper are set in the 7th year, black fire og with triangular extensions on both sides of the bottom. The 2008 and 2012 reissues canceled this extended setting, resulting in a decline in robustness.jordan retro 6 washed denim black sail varsity red I have seen shoe fans on the Internet before that this position is disconnected after wearing these two versions. The 2019 re-engraved version returns to the first year's setting, nike pink quartz shoes with widened extensions on both sides of the bottom of the fan-shaped plastic shoelace hole. In addition, the plastic shoelace buckles of the 1999, 2012 and 2019 re-engraved editions are all matte settings, while the 2008 re-engraved edition is made of glossy material, which looks very bright and more refined.rust pink shoes In contrast to workmanship, except for the 1999 re-engraved version, the plastic shoelace holes on the other three re-engraved sides have rough edges and nozzles.

Air Jordan Shoe tongue internal standard

The embroidered TAG font on the inner lining of the 1999 re-engraved version of the Air Jordan 4 shoes is larger and thicker, while the embroidered TAG font of the three subsequent re-engraved versions is smaller and more slender. From the comparison of the embroidering craftsmanship,dark mocha pink laces it can also be seen that the 1999 re-engraved version adopted a similar "dot-like" filling embroidery method, which is obviously different from the embroidering craftsmanship of the three subsequent engravings. In addition, by comparison, the inner filling of the tongue of the re-engraved version in 1999 is thicker,jordan 4 infrared with jeans while the thickness of the tongue of the re-engraved version in 2008 has decreased. In 2012 and 2019, the latest re-engraved version of the tongue has a thinner inner filling.

Jordan Shoes For Sale insole

The insoles of the four re-engravings all use 7 red towel lining cloth, but the logo on the insole is different.Latest Air Jordan 4 Shoes The shoe store in the 1999 re-engraved version follows the first year's retro Nike logo and has the word AIR; the 2008 re-engraved version uses the unified insole TAG of the CDP suit series,Air Jordan 4 Shoes embroidered with the .JUMPMAN logo and "XXllI" And the words "1985, 2008"; the 2012 re-engraved version of the insole is printed with the white JUMPAMN logo, nothing else; the latest 2019 re-enacted version is back to the 7 retro Nike logo and AIR. It's just that the direction of the sign is exactly opposite to that of 1999. In addition, the logo and text are slightly larger than the 1999 reissue.Air Jordan 4 'Orange Metallic' In addition, in terms of material, the body of the re-engraved insoles in 1999 and 2019 are made of silica gel, with a thickness of about 5 mm, and the pressing is soft and elastic. The 2008 and 2012 reissue versions have different foam insoles, which are thinner. The back of the insoles of the other four re-engravings were only black in the 2012 re-enactment version, and the other three re-engravings were all white.

Air Jordan 4 Retro Outsole

The shape and structure of the outsole of the AIR JORDAN IV "BRED" that was re-engraved four times are exactly the same. The only obvious difference is the logo in the middle of the dry sole. The 1999 re-engraved version of the sole uses the 7 retro Nike logo, while the 2008 and 2012 re-engraved versions are the JUMPMAN logo.Air Jordan 4 Retro University Blue The latest 2019 re-engraved version returns to the first year's setting, and also uses the 7 retro Nike logo, but the size of the logo is slightly different from the 1999 re-enacted version, and the overall is smaller. In addition, the details and colors of the soles are slightly different in the four re-engravings. For example, the red soles of the re-engraved versions in 1999 and 2012 are more vivid,WMNS Air Jordan IV while the red soles of the re-engraved versions in 2008 and 2019 appear to be less saturated.

Outer shading

As mentioned earlier, there are subtle differences in the sole textures of the four re-engravings,Air Jordan 4 “Lightning”and the differences between them can be seen immediately through close comparison. The five-pointed star anti-slip pattern on the sole of the 1999 re-engraved version is loosely arranged, and the five-pointed star is very flat and lacks three-dimensional effect; the density and size of the five-pointed star pattern on the sole of the re-engraved version in 2008 is basically the same as that of the 1999 re-engraving, but the five-pointed star is more prominent It's more three-dimensional; the five-pointed stars in the same position in the 2012 and 2019 re-engraved versions are arranged very finely, and each five-pointed star is more prominent and more three-dimensional.

Air Jordan 4 Retro Shoe mark

The four re-engraved AIR JORDAN IV "BRED" shoe labels all adopt the more common auspicious style used by JORDAN BRAND in different periods. It can be distinguished from the shoe label that the 1999 reissue was produced by Weiqian's LN3I factory in Fujian, China; the 2008 and 2012 reissues were produced by the Y3 factory in Guangdong, China; the latest 2019 reissue returned to 7. It is produced at the LN3 plant in Fujian, China. In addition, the shoe logos of the 1999 and 2019 reissue versions are sewn on the edge of the gray interlining on the inside of the shoe body.Air Jordan 4 “White Cement”The 2008 and 2012 re-engraved shoe logos are hot stamped on the gray lining cloth on the inner side of the upper.

AJ4 Shoe box

The 1999 re-enacted version of the shoe box adopts the silver-gray shoe box style commonly used by JORDAN BRAND at the time. The top of the shoe box is printed with a small red JUMPMAN logo; the 2008 re-enacted version adopts the CDP suit series. The drawer is folded in auspicious style,Air Jordan 4 Retro “Bred”so I won’t go into too much description here; the 2012 and 2019 re-engraved versions use the same styling settings of 7, and both use the upper and lower lid shoe boxes of the first year of the re-engraving, and the bottom is gray ink splashing dots. The pattern and the lid are black and printed with the huge JUMPMAN logo and the handwritten "FLIGHT".

AIR JORDAN IV "BRED" Shoe box label

The shoe box label on the side of the re-engraved AJ4 Retro shoe box in 1999 has the same background color as the shoe box. It uses black text to indicate the size, color, and place of origin. At the same time, it is printed with a red JUMPMAN logo. The shoebox of the re-enacted version of 2008 uses the uniform auspicious style of the 7CDP suit series. It is worth noting that because the suit contains two pairs of shoes,AirJordan4 "What The" Retro the item number on the shoe box represents the item number of the suit, not the shoe itself. Item number; Zhiqian 2012 re-engraved version adopts a red and white shoe logo style, which is different from the black and white shoe box logo used in other color AJ4 re-engraved versions of the year; the latest 2019 re-engraved version is It uses 7 the latest Nike (JORDAN) shoebox label format, and the US size marks for men and women are enlarged and displayed. Other text information arrangement and fonts are no different from the usual Nike (JORDAN) shoebox labels in the past two years.

AJ4 Retro shoe Accessories

Professional sneaker players will naturally pursue more when collecting sneakers. The shoe paper used to wrap the shoes in the shoe box is naturally indispensable. The 1999 re-engraved version uses ordinary backing paper, but the shoe comes with the same plastic tag from the original 1989 and the exclusive re-engraved card for AIR JORDAN IV; the 2008 re-engraved version uses the unified backing paper of the CDP suit, with embossed A) 1-23 sneaker patterns. In addition, there are no other accessories; the 2012 re-engraved version uses 7-year-old black plastic paper, Air Jordan 4 'Fire Red' and comes with a thickened plastic tag with the JUMPMAN logo engraved on it; the latest 2019 re-engraved version also uses black plastic Paper-wrapped sneakers,Air Jordan 4 Golf with the same thin plastic tag attached to the first year and 1999 re-engraving. But unlike the 1999 re-enacted version, which used thin plastic coils to hang the shoe body, this time it uses 7 metal beads to hang the shoe body.

Air Jordan 4 Golf Selling information

Based on the comparison of the above SOLE FRESH editing, the difference between the four reissues of AIR JORDAN IV, whether it is better or worse, please make your own judgment. Personally, I still prefer the shoe model reproduced in 2000 because it is more faithful to the setting of the thousand-year-old version,Air Jordan 4 'Manila'and the upper material reproduced in 2012 is also reproduced four times because of its excellent materials The best in the moment. On the whole, every re-enactment of AIR JORDAN IV "BRED" has its own unique advantages and regrettable deficiencies. But the important thing is that every time they are reissued, new players have the opportunity to experience the unique charm of this pair of classic sneakers and learn about Jordan's brilliant story in 1989.