After experiencing the high-end but a bit unreasonable design of the Air Jordan 34 generation, the Air Jordan 34 generation returned to the traditional shoelace design. Many people said that this may be the most pleasing Jordanian generation in recent years.

The story of the Air Jordan 34 generation will be said later. Today we are going to talk about the hottest Air Jordan 1 in the past two years, and another history of the Air Jordan 1 "forbidden".

I believe everyone knows the origin of the "ban", because at the time the league banned Jordan, the league did not allow Jordan to wear fancy shoes, but Nike insisted on paying a high fee for wearing shoes for Jordan. Air Jordan 1 also aroused people's curiosity because of the "ban on wearing", coupled with Jordan's strong performance on the field. Air Jordan 1 "No Wear" is all the rage. Do you think the "forbidden" story ends like this?

According to photos collected by senior Jordan fans, the first sneaker that Jordan wore in his rookie season was not the Air Jordan 1, but the Nike Air Ship, which was very similar to the Air Jordan 1. On October 18, 1984, the Bulls played against the New York Knicks in the preseason. Jordan was wearing the Nike Air Ship (pictured).

From October 18, 1984 to February 25, 1985, that is the day Jordan received the league ticket, there were no photos to prove that Jordan crossed the Air Jordan 1 on the court. During this period, Jordan only wore Air Jordan 1 in the dunk contest (with photo records), but the All-Star Game is not within the scope of penalties.

On February 25, 1985, the then executive vice president of the league, Lars Granit, issued a warning letter to Nike. The letter clearly stated that Jordan's sneakers worn on October 18, 1984 violated league regulations. And this pair of shoes is exactly the Nike Air Ship with photo records. So the first pair of sneakers banned in real history was the Nike Air Ship instead of the Air Jordan 1.

In addition, a documentary called "JUST FOR KICKS" tried to prove that Air Jordan 1 had a forbidden record, but in the end it failed to give strong evidence. After the 1984-85 season, Jordan and Air Jordan 1 appeared in newspapers and magazines many times. But this is also after Jordan's rookie season.

Obviously, it now seems that this is Nike's momentum for the Air Jordan 1. As for whether this matter is true or not, we can only wait for future generations to judge. But in any case, the Air Jordan 1 "No Wear" is one of the most successful marketing cases in Nike history.

At the end of the year, the Air Jordan 1 "No Wear" will return. In this age of sensitive sneakers, I don't know whether such a re-enactment is joy or sorrow.