• Air Jordan 6 shoe type

AIR JORDAN VI black and red color matching has been re-enacted five times since its inception, so far, except for the AIR JORDAN I black and red color matching, the AIR JORDAN series sneakers have been re-engraved the most times. Air Jordan 6 From the front and side view of the shoes above, it is obvious that there are some subtle differences in the shoe shapes of the previous re-engraved versions. The shoe shape of the 2000 re-engraved version is more sleek and full, and the tongue is shorter; the two versions that were re-engraved in 2010 are more slender; the shoe shape of the re-engraved version in 2014 is closer to the setting of the first year version, Jordan Retro 6. The shoe shape is tougher, especially the contour at the toe is fuller; the latest 2019 re-engraved version of the shoe has the highest degree of restoration, especially the iconic long tongue, which is eye-catching. However, it may be unfair to evaluate a certain re-enactment solely based on the shoe type. After all, everyone has their own criteria for judging the love of dry shoes.

  • Air Jordan 6 heel

The logo embroidery on the heel of the re-engraved version in 2000 adopts the Nike Jordan 6 retro logo set in the first year of 7 Zhongqian, while the plastic shoe lift is narrower and the contour of the heel is wider; the heel embroidery of the two versions re-engraved in 2010 is changed to JUMPMAN Logo , There are very subtle differences in the shape of embroidered embroidery. The contour of the heel is more obvious than the curve, with narrow top and wide bottom. The plastic shoe on the heel is wide and narrow; the 2014 version of the re-engraved heel still uses the JUMPMAN Logo, the embroidering is more delicate, the curve of the heel is also very bumpy, and the plastic shoe is wider; the latest 2019 re-engraved version is re-enabled 7 finally The Air Jordan 6 retro Nike Logo of the first year. The contour of the entire heel and shoe lift are similar to those of 2014. Air Jordan 6 Retro In addition, the padding protrusions on both sides of the ankle of the 2000 version are more obvious; although the two versions of the 2010 re-enactment are also more obvious, they are not as good as the 2000 version. The same part of the 2014 version is almost flat in the 2019 re-enactment. The version has returned to the convex level of the 2000 re-enactment.

  • Jordan 6 material

The Jordan 6 shoe body of the 2000 re-enacted version is thinner and smooth to the touch, which is similar to the material used in the AIR JORDAN IV and V launched at the same time; the two versions of the 2010 re-enactment have the same material, and both the look and the actual touch are the same. Like a layer of fluff on the upper, it is very smooth and supple. It is undoubtedly the highest quality; the material of the re-engraved version of Jordan 6 in 2014 and 2019 is more ordinary, which is larger than now. Most of Nike's black suede shoes are the same . In addition,Air Jordan 6 the three protruding lines at the ankles of the three re-engraved versions of 2000 and 2010 are very three-dimensional, while the re-engraved versions of 2014 and 2019 are slightly flat, and the topmost one is almost invisible.

  • Air Jordan 6 reflective

In the early AIR JORDAN shoes, everyone mentioned the application of 3M reflective material first. I must think of AIR JORDAN V. But in fact, 3M material was also used in the first year version of AIR JORDAN VI black and red color, but it is not obvious, and many people ignore 7. This is probably the reason why AIR JORDAN VI did not use 3M materials in the early re-engraved versions of AIR JORDAN VI in 2000 and 2010. But fortunately, since the re-engraved version in 2014, including the latest re-engraved version in 2019, it has re-enabled the 3M reflective setting in the upper ventilation hole in the first year, whether it is for new shoe fans or old shoes. For fans, they are all things to be happy about. After all, few people can own AIR JORDANVI in the first year.

  • Air Jordan 6 Air Cushion

To be honest, it is difficult to arouse people's interest in researching the relatively old-fashioned air cushion structure of AIR JORDAN VI. I also accidentally discovered the subtle differences when taking pictures. First of all, the air cushion inner support columns of the 2000, 2010 set, 2014 and 2019 reissues are white, the inner wall of the midsole air cushion window groove is also white, and the air cushion inner support column of the separate reissue in 2010 is red , The inner wall of the groove of the midsole air cushion opening window is black. Ai In addition, Jordan 6 Retro under the premise that the number of yards is the same, there are 1 pair of support columns visible in the air cushion of the 2000 and 2010 re-engraved versions, and 2 pairs of the re-engraved versions in 2014 and 2019. There are also 2 pairs of support columns for the 43-yard re-enacted version of the 2010 suit.

  • Jordan 6 Retro tongue

There is almost no difference in the tongues and details of the five re-engraved versions. The materials are all made of black rubber on the front and black interlining on the back. However, the words AIR JORDAN on the tongue of the three versions re-engraved in 2000 and 2010 are more prominent, while the re-engraved version in 2014 is relatively flat. The font on the tongue of the latest re-engraved version of 2019 is the same as that of 2014, and it is flat and not three-dimensional. . And if you compare carefully, you will find that there is a small protrusion in the middle of the tongue of the 2000 re-engraved version. This is the trace of the black lining material when the edge is cut, and I have two pairs of 2000 engraved.Air jORDAN 6 The versions are all in such auspicious style, so I believe this is the factory production setting, while the other four re-engraved versions do not.

  • Air Jordan 6 Retro shoe handle

The back of the shoe handle of the re-engraved version in 2000 has a glue injection ceremony with a diameter of about 2 mm, which I believe should be needed when making the mold. In the next four re-engraved versions, there are 3 plastic injection holes with a diameter of about 1 mm on the Jordan 6 Retro back of the shoe handle. At the same time, in the 2010 suit, 2014 and the latest 2019 reissue version, the Air Jordan 6 red on the front of the shoe lift can be mapped through the glue injection ceremony at both ends. In addition, after careful comparison, there is no difference in the material of the heel shoes of the four re-engraved versions.

  • Jordan 6 Retro shoelace buckle

The four re-engraved versions of the shoelace buckles in 2000, 2010, and 2014 look almost the same. The red plastic buckle has a black JUMPMAN Logo printed on the front, and the shoelace buckle of the re-engraved version in 2000 has TTFCO and BL-60N on the bottom. After verifying that TTFCO is the name of Taiwan Fusi Fiber Co., Ltd., the supplier of raw materials for Nike products, BL-6ON should be the model of shoelace buckle. The two re-engraved versions of Air Jordan 6 in 2010 only have BL-60 and two triangle logos on the bottom of the shoelace buckle; the bottom of the 2014 re-engraved version does not have any characters or logos. There are JUMPMNA Logo and NIKE on the buckle, and there are still no characters or logos at the bottom. In addition, the width of the rounded edges on the bottom of the five versions of the shoelace buckle is also slightly different.

  • Jordan Retro 6 embroidery

In addition to the 7 different colors of the five re-engraved versions of the shoe tongue in 2000, 2010, 2010, 2010, and 2019, it can be clearly seen that the 2014 re-engraved version is the most exquisite, and the embroidery thread stitches used are very tight. To. The 2000, 2010 and 2010 re-engraved versions of the suit have larger stitches, and because of the elasticity of the tongue, the shape of the JUMPMAN Logo is slightly deformed. Jordan Retro 6 Basketball Shoes But these three versions will look more three-dimensional compared to the 2014 re-engraved version. In the latest re-engraved version of embroidery in 2019, the weave used is similar to that of 2014, but the stitches are slightly loose. So in all fairness, the 2014 re-engraved version has the best workmanship only in terms of embroidering.

  • Air Jordan Retro 6 insole

The 2000 re-engraved version of the insole is made of black fabric with the red retro Nike Logo and AIR printed on it, which can be regarded as completely faithful to the first year setting; the 2010, 2010 suit and the 2014 re-enacted version of the insole are red Fabric and black JUMPMAN Logo. However, there are some slight differences in the size of the three versions of the JUMPMAN Logo. In addition, in terms of materials, these four versions all use the same foam insole, and the back of the insole is brushed with glue to bond the dry shoe insole. Cheap Air Jordan Retro 6, the 2019 re-enacted version uses 7 red insole lining cloth, printed with black retro Nike Logo and AIR. The silicone material is also completely different from the previous four re-engravings, and the back of the insole is not glued and does not adhere to the insole. In addition, there is a corresponding text mark on the back of the insole. After comparison, both the material of the insole and the text on the back are the same as last year's AIR JORDAN XI Concord re-engraving. I don't believe you guys take a look at the huge A)11 on the back.

  • AJ 6 Jordan Sneakers outsole

After careful comparison, the outer textures of the five re-engraved versions of AIR JORDAN VI in 2000, 2010, 2010, 2014 and 2019, including the smallest hole position, are exactly the same. I believe they should all be made using the same mold. Of course, the most obvious is the difference in the color of the crystal rubber. Womens/Mens AJ6 Jordan Sneakers 2000 re-enacted version. Because of the long time, the original milky white oxidation yellowing is of course inevitable; two re-engraved versions of crystal in 2010 The rubber is milky white, but there is also some yellowing and oxidation; the crystal rubber part of the outsole of the 2014 and 2019 re-engraved versions is completely blue. It is said that the brand official has said that adding blue crystal bottom can better avoid oxidation and yellowing, but according to my own wearing experience, it has not improved at all. Air Jordans 6 Retro asked friends who specialize in materials science, the principle of rubber yellowing has nothing to do with what color to add. In addition, the colors of the JUMPMANLogo on the soles of the five versions are also different.

  • Red Air Jordan 6 Retro shoe logo

The time of five re-engravings of Yougan spanned 19 years, so the difference in the auspicious style of the shoe mark is obvious. Both represent the design of Nike's shoe logo at that time. Among them, the first three were produced at the LN3 plant in Fujian, and the reissues in 2014 and 2019 were at the SZ plant. The 2000 re-engraved version of the shoe logo is stitched at the seam between the inner lining and the shoe body; the 2009 and 2010 re-engraved versions are all hot stamped, and the edges and corners of the shoe logo information area are very obvious ( Remember that time to distinguish between genuine and fake shoes, one of the important details of shoe logo identification is the edges and corners, fake shoes were very smooth at that time); Red Air Jordan 6 Retro, 2014 and 2019 shoe logos are now the most common Nike shoe logo style, and although the hot stamping process is used in the previous two re-engravings, the edges and corners of the shoe logo information area are not obvious and appear very flat.

  • Red Black Jordan 6 Retro shoebox

The 2000 re-enacted version of the shoe box uses a 7 silver black Michael Jordan head shoe box. I personally think this is also one of the best-looking JORDAN BRAND shoe boxes; the re-enacted version sold separately in 2010 uses a silver-black shoe box. In the center of the shoe box cover is the Jumpman Logo; the 2010 re-engraved version of the suit is in the form of a white and red color-starting suit, so it is also the largest shoe box, and the AIR JORDAN character on the shoe box is exclusive to 7 AIR JORDAN VI The text graphics (that is the glyph style on the tongue of the shoe); The re-engraved version in 2014 and 2019 is the setting of 7 loyalty 3000 yuan, using the Xiang style of AIR JORDAN VI when it was released in 1991, Air Jordans Retro 6 It is obviously different from the shoe box used in the new JORDAN BRAND regular shoes, and I feel that it is also very good-looking.

  • Air Jordan 6 Retro Black/Red Shoebox Logo

In addition to the different styles of shoeboxes, the shoebox logos re-engraved five times are naturally different. The shoe box label of the re-engraved version in 2000 adopts the setting of silver lettering on a black background, and the font used for marking information is thick; the shoe box label of the two re-engraved versions in 2010 adopts white characters on a black background, except for the item number, shoe name and color. Except for the label, it is exactly the same auspicious style; the shoebox label of the Air Jordan 6 Retro 2014 and 2019 re-engraved versions is the same as the shoe box, using the original setting in 1991, with white characters on a black background, but compared to the first year 7 more barcodes. I personally think that such a shoebox label is more retro and beautiful, but it is not practical and the item number is too small. If there are more shoes like me, it will be quite troublesome to find.

  • Jordan 6 Retro Black/Red accessories

Professional sneaker players will naturally pursue more when they collect sneakers. The shoe paper used to wrap the shoes in the shoe box is naturally indispensable. The re-engraved version of the shoe paper in 2000 has a very good gloss. Although it has been yellowed over time, it still feels smooth and supple in the hand. The Air Jordan 6 Retro also has a re-engraved card; a separate re-engraved version of the shoe in 2010 The paper is yellow-gray and the paper texture is relatively rough; the 2010 re-engraved version of the suit uses a transparent plastic bag to wrap the shoes (the material is similar to the plastic paper used in the newly launched AIR JORDAN XXXIII.) There is another in the middle of the bag. Triangular Jumpman Logo; the 2014 re-engraved version uses the combination of black plastic paper and off-white shoe paper from the first year of Zhongqian to protect the sneakers. The latest 2019 re-engraved version only has black plastic paper wrapped sneakers.

  • Air Jordans 6 Retro Red/Black release information

Through the comparison of the above SOLE FRESH compilation, I believe that you can have 7 answers to the difference between the five re-engravings of AIR JORDAN VI. As for which is better, please judge for yourself. Personally, I prefer the shoe type reproduced in 2000, the upper material reproduced in 2010, the embroidery reproduced in 2014, and the insole in 2019. But since ancient times, fish and bear's paws cannot have both. Each re-enactment has its own unique advantages. Air Jordan 6 also has regrettable shortcomings. There is no old shoe launched in the past-it will definitely be better than the new re-enactment today. At least the concept of thick ancient and thin is not applicable to the AIR JORDAN VI black and red color. To be fortunate enough to witness and own the entire re-enactment of a shoe is enough to make me feel happy. It also makes me happy to be able to discover the difference and share with you.