The intuitive feeling of Air Jordan 34 at first glance was surprisingly good, and even stimulated my long-lost desire to buy. For a long period of time in the past, Jordan has not given me such an urge. On the premise that the previous works are too heavy, the lightness of the Air Jordan 34 is impressive. The official data is 13.1 ounces (US9), which is about 371 grams of weight. In basketball shoes, it's okay to perform. In contrast, Nike's new flagship basketball shoe Alphadunk is 431 grams (US9), Peak's Parker 7 is 475.5 grams (US8.5), and Soldier 13 is 431.4 grams (US9). It's only slightly heavier than the 349.7g (US9) of Antetokounmpo's Zoom Freak 1 (US9), but the configuration of Antetokounmpo's midsole is obvious to all. I tried Air Jordan 34 from several directions, and it really doesn't move. The torsion strength is properly won.

And the design of the shoe upper with Jordan 4 plastic mesh elements extended, also seems to be fluent, not falling into the stereotypes. (I originally thought that Jordan 34 is a tribute and reflects Air Jordan 4 elements. It is most likely that it will be a plastic shoe lift with a plastic shoelace buckle or a heel in the shape. I am still too naive.)

The hollow design of the midsole is one of the characteristics of the whole pair of shoes, which reminds me of the midsole structure of AJ2009 ten years ago. (The position of the black TPU in the midsole is a bit like Jordan 14.) In addition, this time the cushioning technology uses a new Zoom air cushion shape and a new Eclipse Speed. The huge forefoot air cushion can be seen through the hollow of the midsole. Although there is no actual combat on the feet, you can imagine its surging.

Different people have different opinions in terms of appearance. Personally, I think it should be the peak of appearance after Jordan 30. As the official said, "simplify the complexity", there is no complicated decoration and fancy shoe upper technology. All in order to meet the original intention of actual combat, but to make the appearance more pure and impressive. The first color matching I got was in the creation of colors, which instantly reminded me of the spaceship of the Frieza Legion of the Namek in Dragon Ball.